[Icecast] Log file format + Awstats

oDDskOOL oddskool at gmail.com
Wed May 10 08:51:28 UTC 2006

Mike Place wrote:
> Also, if anybody has pointers on Awstats+Icecast2, I'd love to hear 
> them.

Hi Mike,

I'm using icecast 2.3.1 w/ awstats 6.5 on a linux (fc5_x64) box and
found it easy to set up using awstats documentation only.

Actually I created a new awstats config (which you should copy from
example in /etc/awstats/) called 'radio.config'; edit the file, change
the path of log file to your icecast log file (usually lives in
/var/log/icecast.log) and the type of log to 'stream'.

after that step, run awstats from command line with your config file as
parameter. this should give you clues if something is wrong in your config.

now you may want to add a sub domain in your apache config to access
awstats.pl (the CGI).

if you run into troubles, i can send you excerpts of my config files.

anyway, I don't know to what extent the awstats processing is accurate
or compatible with icecast log file format, but it provides some basic,
relevant info : how many users listen to stream, what are the peak
times, players used, bandwith used, and mean listening time.



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