[Icecast] static file streaming

Robert Muchnick hostmaster at xenterra.net
Sat Mar 25 22:42:27 UTC 2006

Here's the way we do it:


The path part /static/ is a link that points from the icecast 
admin-doc-web area (usually /usr/local/share/icecast on Linux) back to a 
user file area where we want to keep the audio files.

The key is you have to get port 8000, the <listen-socket> in your config, 
or whatever port you have designated, otherwise icecast is never invoked.

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006, Ivan Zahoranszky wrote:

> Hi All,
> Maybe I do something completely wrong and I make some trivial mistakes but
> the static streaming doesn't work for me.
> I describe my setup.
> Thanks,
> Ivan
> - I try to reach the following URLs but neither of them worked:
> http://my.server.hu/try.mp3
> http://my.server.hu/try.mp3.m3u
> http://my.server.hu/list.m3u

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Robert Muchnick

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