[Icecast] VGA Capture

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu Mar 16 21:44:44 UTC 2006

Hey lists,

This is somewhat OT, but just a little.

I want to capture live (5 fps?) 1024x768 VGA and make mpeg or something I can 
stream over the net.

The application is this:  Developer meetings and conferences.  "all" speakers 
bring their laptops and hook up to the 1024x768 projector.  I want to broadcast 
that over the net.  (I may point a web cam at the presenter too and have that as 
a 2nd feed.)  I do not want to load anything on their laptop.  I 'know' it is 
easy, cheaper, and better in some ways, and it may even happen in some 
instances, but for the most part, I never want to even ask a speaker to do it. 
There just isn't enough time to to make sure it works, etc.  A hardware based 
solution is much more ... good.

The plan is to have a laptop or small PC sitting under the projector that 
somehow gets the same VGA as the projector.  Some projectors have a VGA out, not 
sure how standard that is.  I can deal with an external device that uses USB or 
Ethernet, or a pci/pcmica card in the box that will do the encoding.

I found this: https://ssl.epiphan.com/order/order.php?pid=1 - that will do what 
I need, but $400 is a bit much (I need about 5 or 10 for conferences that have 
multiple sessions going at the same time.)  I am kinda doing this on my own - 
the first step is to get one for the local user group meeting I attend.  If that 
works out, then I may get some more and loan/rent them out.  Thus the desire to 
find a cheaper solution.

I found things relating to KVM over IP, can't figure out if these will allow me 
to capture/stream.

http://www.zantech.com.au/peppercon/eric-express/  $100

aten CN-6000

http://okvm.sourceforge.net/kvmoverip.html - pretty sure that requires a pci 
card in the box generating the video (so no good.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this - any pointers welcome.

Carl K

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