[Icecast] ices2 realplayer

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Wed Jun 21 14:21:52 UTC 2006

Kai Hendry wrote:
> I'm rebroadcasting a realplayer stream and there are two problems.
> The icecast2 sounds tinny and its delayed something like 3secs.

a few things to resolve

You capture at 48000 but resample from 44100, that will cause problems.
You resample to 22050 so that will affect quality, you haven't said what 
bitrate you want to target for, so resampling/downmixing may be required 

> Any advice to perhaps use speex as it's talk radio?
> Can I cut the delay?

A few secs delay is generally not a problem, but if you want to reduce 
it then reduce the burst-size (eg 0) in icecast and also reduce the 
pre-buffering in the player.


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