[Icecast] dir.xiph.org only listing Ogg streams

paranoid paranoid at dds.nl
Mon Jun 19 07:55:53 UTC 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Dennis Heerema wrote:

> The nice thing of dir.xiph.org [http://dir.xiph.org/] was the fact that it
> supported more or less all formats, this way we were able to send out
> different formats, where the listener was able to choose his appriciated
> format from and listen to it, also the way it all got listed made it very
> easy for a listener to see all te streams from one station in the different
> formats.

This is the main reason for me to keep it. Maybe it's an idea to move the 
dir.xiph.org to dir.icecast.org or something similar.

I can imagine it could be a bit infringing for xiph.org to show a list of 
non-ogg since it is fighting for open standards.

To me, that would not be the case when you put the list on dir.icecast.org 
for instance. Icecast makes it possible to stream MP3 and AAC+ so maybe it 
makes more sense to have the yp listings availble on an Icecast web 

Frank Keijzers

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