[Icecast] Unexpected ezstream exit

Chris MacDonald chris at thoughtsoft.net
Mon Jun 12 06:57:53 UTC 2006


I've been working on a customized version of ezstream and I've been 
noticing that with a particular setup after playing particular tracks 
ezstream terminates. I say terminates because there are no error 
messages, it just exits. I've tried this on both my version and the 
stock version available via icecast.org just be certain and it happens 
with both versions.

I'm running:
icecast 2.3.1
ezstream 0.2.1
flac 1.1.2
oggenc 1.0.2 (vorbis-tools 1.1.1)
libogg 1.1.3
libvorbis 1.1.2

Currently I have ezstream set up to re-encode from my flac library to 
ogg, and with a couple tracks (it's always the same ones) it will make 
it all the way through then hang at the end of the track for a second or 
two then ezstream will exit. When I go from flac to lame on those tracks 
it's fine. One thing that the tracks in question have in common is that 
they're all longer than the average song, usually >7 minutes. I've tried 
re-encoding at the command line using the same command as ezstream and a 
valid track is produced without error. I've also gone through and taken 
valgrind and used it against my version of ezstream to make sure there 
aren't any leaks and even running with valgrind ezstream appears as 
though it terminates cleanly after playing a particular track.

I really don't know what else to do. If I had an error message I might 
have an idea as to where to start looking, alas I don't. Little help? ;D


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