[Icecast] ICES with MP3Pro?

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Thu Jun 1 00:38:07 UTC 2006

MP3Pro has already gone away as far as most people are concerned.  It is 
definately not mainstream.  SAM and Live365's streamer are about the 
only way to encode streams in this format, and very few players will 
play it in hifi.

If Thompson is now giving away the encoder for free then they must know 
it's dead and buried and no more money will be made from it.

Shoutcast banned MP3Pro streams from their YP directory a couple of 
years ago, and the reason for this was to prevent the spreading of bad 
audio quality for listeners.  Basically 1% of listeners would be 
tecnically minded enough to know how to listen to an MP3Pro stream in 
hifi, and 99% would be listening to the 22khz sample rate portion of the 
mp3 stream, and not even realize that with some effort, and a change of 
player software, they could listen in hifi.

SAM has AAC+ encoding in v4.0 beta which you can ask and receive now, so 
I would suggest upgrading to that.  Or use our broadcasting software 
(Windows only) which can use Oddcast to encode AAC+ streams.

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Yes, I have noticed that new codec.. AACPlus.  Its really impressive in 
it's abilities, and it's sound quality.
I tried to open it up with Windows Media Player and my Flash Player.. 
didn't seem to like it very much.  While It's really kewl as a codec, 
and it has great support with a couple players, and limited support for 
the rest, I'll stick with the mainstream for now, which is MP3Pro.  Once 
AACPlus works in a new and stable version of SAM, I might even consider 
upgrading to it.  But for now, I'd hate to halt progress while I wait 
for a new technology to happen.

So, back to my original question -
Has anyone been able to integrate the free mp3Pro encoder from thompson 
into ICES yet?

> MP3 pro is going away in favor of aacPlus.
> The aacPlus core codec (AAC) is better, and there are no player
> component conflicts.
> Not to mention there is already lots of momentum with aacPlus in both
> mobile phones and streaming.
> -greg.
> At 00:27 2006-05-30, Doc Nasty wrote:
> >Does anyone know if this is possible?  Not sure if there is a hack
> >that would work with this.  I know the free mp3pro encoder works @
> >64kbs... I don't know if anything supports this yet or not.
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >DocNasty
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