[Icecast] Help with streaming audio...

Ian A. Underwood agentgrn at dcne.net
Mon Jul 17 18:57:23 PDT 2006

Scott R Ehrlich wrote:
> I recently installed Icecast2 on my XP Home Laptop.   My goal is to get the
> audio from my vhf/uhf scanner, whose audio out is connected to the laptop's mic
> port, out as a stream so I can listen to it when away from home (like from
> work).
> I can hear the scanner fine through the laptop's speakers, but although I've
> read the documentation for the Icecast2 server configuration, I'm still not
> sure how to pipe the scanner audio to a form[at] IC2 can use.  Then, how to
> configure the IC2 config file to tell IC2 to send the audio out onto the
> Internet.
> The install of the IC2 server under XP was flawless, whereas I had problems with
> a Debian install, of which I also have experience.
> So, if anyone can help me get my scanner's audio successfully out on an Internet
> stream, please show me the way.   Windows or Linux, whatever works.

You still need a program which can take the audio, encode it, and send 
it to Icecast.  You can use Oddcast in standalone mode to make this happen.

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