[Icecast] Help with streaming audio...

Scott R Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 17 16:02:33 PDT 2006

I recently installed Icecast2 on my XP Home Laptop.   My goal is to get the
audio from my vhf/uhf scanner, whose audio out is connected to the laptop's mic
port, out as a stream so I can listen to it when away from home (like from

I can hear the scanner fine through the laptop's speakers, but although I've
read the documentation for the Icecast2 server configuration, I'm still not
sure how to pipe the scanner audio to a form[at] IC2 can use.  Then, how to
configure the IC2 config file to tell IC2 to send the audio out onto the

The install of the IC2 server under XP was flawless, whereas I had problems with
a Debian install, of which I also have experience.

So, if anyone can help me get my scanner's audio successfully out on an Internet
stream, please show me the way.   Windows or Linux, whatever works.



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