[Icecast] Web Based scheduler like LiveSupport for icecast

oDDskOOL oddskool at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 05:30:00 PDT 2006


I think what you want can be (easily ;) ) built around Ices, using perl
or Python.

I do something very similar with a simple perl script and ices. Ices can
use a perl script as playlist, that's to say the script will be executed
each time a track ends and ices is looking for the next one.

So if you can write your demand on disk (with a simple CGI for example),
the perl script can read it and play the track. Otherwise, you can do
like i'm doing : read a playlist file from perl script (which file based
on the system's clock) and select a track from it at random.

For controling icecast, you can use signals (SIGHUP rereads playlist,
SIGUSR1 goes to next track, ...) via a CGI ? (i'm not sure signals from
CGIs is always possible).

For simple authentication, .htpasswd will do.

Cristian Alvarado wrote:
> I've been scouring the web for a web based scheduler for use with
> icecast.  Here is what I'm looking for:
> I want to be able to say "at X time, Y file/playlist will play"
> I want to be able to control icecast from the web
> I want to be able to lock control of this site with some form of
> authentication
> Preferably PHP, but ruby/rails would be good too.
> Any suggestions?
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