[Icecast] Furtherto my last post

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Sun Jul 2 06:54:12 PDT 2006

I have only very briefly looked at this thread and my remarks may have
already been made, but the argument given for avoiding mp3 listings is
that mp3 is non-free and listing resources are limited.

Some of the competitors of my site, MPHMedia.Net, think that if they
restrict access or restrict content to a certain group that somehow that
in-group approach will work better than opening up the audience and
content as wide as possible and work to increase traffic. Traffic is the
main Internet success measure. Another way of looking at this is that if
your Internet customer can do A and B at your site and can only to A at
another site which site will they be going to? Microsoft's bundling and
Google's let's-index-everything goes in this all-inclusive direction.

My expectation is that the site that works to list everything including
the competitor's listings whether they use free codecs or not will be
the site that will become known as the one to use. It will have better
traffic. With traffic you can better promote free-codecs and such of
interest to the open-source community and sell spots to enable the
necessary capacity.

Setting up a listing server does not seem that complicated. Perhaps
there is an economic opportunity for someone here.


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