[Icecast] Total number of listeners

Pablo Lorenzzoni pablo at propus.com.br
Tue Jan 24 15:27:40 UTC 2006

You mean something like getTotalListeners() in
http://svn.xiph.org/websites/dir.xiph.org/index.php ?

Since all our relays are known and authenticated, I think I could query
them all in a regular basis to check how many are connected and build a
nice graph on-the-fly. I think the small change in the internal
mechanism you proposed is better, though.

BTW, the code for dir.xiph.org is not all there, is it?



Em Sáb, 21 Jan 2006, Karl Heyes escreveu:

| Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
| >Hello!
| >I am using icecast 2.3-kh2 (for the 302 redirect feature), and all my
| >relays are authenticating with user/pass. Is it possible to know how
| >many listeners I have for any given mountpoint counting all the relays?
| not currently, not without querying the different relays, or running your own local YP 
| server.  I'm thinking of changing the internal mechanism for slave registeration, it's 
| possible that the listener count could be reported to the master via a similiar mechanism. 
| I'll have to check to into.
| karl

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