[Icecast] [Icecast-dev] metadata fallback mounts

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jan 19 14:44:14 UTC 2006

oddsock wrote:
> At 08:11 AM 1/19/2006, Karl Heyes wrote:

>> That is certainly possible, I was wondering about implementing such a 
>> mechanism as a simple regulator but never got around to implementing it.
> personally I wouldn't mind seeing the fallback to file implemented as a 
> simple source loop creation.  This would create another source thread 
> (inefficient maybe, but then it could be treated just like any other 
> source).  This would also add another dependency to icecast (it would 
> add libshout), which might be a bit problematic, but still worth looking 
> at...I know icecast already shares a lot of code with libshout

libshout could be a mechanism to use and it would regulate the rate at 
which ogg and mp3 streams are sent through, what it won't time is 
anything like aac or nsv, so it would be question of what do we aim for. 
   Adding libshout could also be used for implementing push relays.


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