[Icecast] Kernel Error with Icecast

Bryan Brown bryan.brown at kcsb.org
Wed Jan 18 01:17:01 UTC 2006

Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:
> I compiled Icecast 2.3.1 on a Fedora core 4/2.6.14 and saw no problem.
> I also run the icecast server on it, no problem.
> Can you assume your hardware is 100% OK?

Well... no. I can't really assume anything at this point. 
The computer itself isn't *that* old (3 to 4 years), so 
having the original hard drive crash was a bit of a surprise.

The strange part is it varies so wildly. I'll get anywhere 
from two hours to 5 days of uptime before either icecast or 
the system crashes - all with the same error.

John Hebert wrote:
 > This may be a long shot, but I smell bad hardware.
 > Copy the drive to a similar box and test. If that 
   > isn't  possible, try testing your RAM with mem86.

I did install the old hard drive in a new box, but it 
wouldn't even take a reinstall. The RAM is a good place 
start, but at this point, I may just save myself the trouble 
and purchase a new box.

In any case, the feedback was very helpful. Thanks folks.


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