[Icecast] Problem with Fallbacks

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Tue Jan 17 20:22:50 UTC 2006

Andy Woolley wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> I tried that, here's my mount:
> <mount>
> <mount-name>/studio</mount-name>
> <dump-file>/tmp/studio.mp3</dump-file>
> <burst-size>65536</burst-size>
> <max-listeners>300</max-listeners>
> <fallback-mount>/fallback.mp3</fallback-mount>
> <fallback-override>1</fallback-override>
> </mount>
> Could it be because it's an mp3 file that I'm falling back to?

The fact that the fallback is a file should not affect override.  As 
always the key thing to check is the error log at a high enough log 
level (eg 4).


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