[Icecast] Kernel Error with Icecast

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jan 12 18:59:30 UTC 2006

Bryan Brown wrote:
> I currently have Icecast 2.3.1 running with Darkice on a Fedora Core 4 
> box (with the 2.6.14 kernel). We have three streams running (all mp3) @ 
> 128kbs, 64kbs, and 24kbs.
> I am consistently seeing the following error:
> kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ffffffff
> It does appear to be icecast causing the error. Oddly, when this first 
> started showing up, it would crash icecast entirely - meaning I couldn't 
> get any stream. Now, it seems that icecast continues to run, but only 
> one or two of the streams will fail.
> Any ideas? I have a friend who's also looking around, but we're pretty 
> stumped as to what's causing the error.

While icecast could be a trigger case in your setup, there isn't 
anything within icecast that is known to do this, and depending on what 
the actual cause is will also affect how icecast runs afterwards.

I do see a 2.6.15 out so there may already be a fix, but you'll have to 
decode that oops output for the 2.6.14 to see where it fails if you want 
to investigate it.  There is information out there to do the decode but 
we can't say based on what you've said whether it's a driver bug or bad 


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