[Icecast] Can someone help plss

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Mon Feb 20 13:29:13 UTC 2006

Copying the list on my reply, just in case it helps someone else too.

Remzi Aga wrote:

> I'll try to write you what i have done. First i installed the ( 
> icecast2_win32_v2.3.1_setup ) program.
> After that i klicked the edit configuration tool and i made some changes in 
> that text area. The things i changed where only username, password, my 
> ipadrees and i made the .ogg extentions changed in .mp3 formats. After that i 
> saved it and started the program.

Ok, so have you connected a source to Icecast (i.e. are you sending a 
stream to it)?  If you're playing the music with Winamp, you'll need to use 
a plugin like Oddcast DSP, Samcast or even the Nullsoft Shoutcast DSP 
(though this one requires special configuration on Icecast to be able to 
use it).

> Than i opend my internet explorer putted the http://my ip address:8000. But i 
> didn't see anything such as wich song i was playing, how much listners i had 
> ect...

I think Icecast is set up by default for http://server:8000/ to redirect to 
http://server:8000/status.xsl which, if you've set things up properly, 
should show you status information.  If you got the status info but 
couldn't see any streams connected, then see above.  If you didn't get a 
status page, try http://server:8000/status.xsl

To listen to your stream, you need to have your player open 
http://server:8000/yourmountpoint, where yourmountpoint is the mount point 
set in your streaming application (presumably one of the above-mentioned 
plugins in your case).  Most people achieve this by having a link to a .m3u 
file on their website, either one they've created themselves or by using 
Icecast's automatic m3u file generator.

To use this feature, say your stream is on the mountpoint /stream.  You'd 
have a link on your website which looked like this:

<A HREF="http://server:8000/stream.m3u">click here to listen</A>

This would send the URL http://server:8000/stream to your media player of 

Note: The "hostname" variable needs to be set correctly in the icecast 
config file for this feature to work properly.

Let me know if you need further information.


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