[Icecast] Setup problems please assist

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Thu Feb 16 13:32:44 UTC 2006

Rob Campbell wrote:

> This is my first time setting this up and having a problem.  I don't know
> where the problem lies.  Do the files need a special permissions?  What is
> wrong with my setup?


>    <limits>
>        <clients>2</clients>
>        <sources>2</sources>

If I understand it correctly, if you have both sources connected, you won't 
be able to have any listeners.

>    <listen-socket>
>        <port>8000</port>
>    </listen-socket>
>    <fileserve>1</fileserve>
>        <shoutcast-mount>/live</shoutcast-mount>

Assuming you want to use Shoutcast compatibility mode, you didn't define a 
second port on 8001 and set to shoutcast-compat.

The following comes from the sample shoutcast config file:

     <!-- You MUST define 2 ports, port and port +1 -->
         <!-- Configure the shoutcast DSP with *this* port
              the shoutcast DSP actually will connect the
              encoder to this port + 1 -->
         <!-- This port *must* be one larger than the one defined
              above and defined as 'shoutcast-compat' -->

> # liveice configuration file
> # Automatically generated
> SERVER blkpoohba
> PORT 8000
> NAME Poohba's Sounds
> GENRE Gospel
> URL http://www.icecast.org

Can't Liveice do native Icecast2 streaming?  At any rate, this is going to 
fail because it's trying to conect to 8000 which is not set up as shoutcast 

> PASSWORD justtesting

This doesn't match your config above either.

> icecast]$tail log/icecast/*
> ==> log/icecast/access.log <==
> - - [15/Feb/2006:11:56:12 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 404 90 "-"
> "xmms/1.2.10" 1

Your stream will show up on /stream, not on / .  If you want it to show up 
on / you'll have to set / as your shoutcast-mount, not /stream, or define 
an alias.

> ==> log/icecast/error.log <==
> [2006-02-15  15:52:47] DBUG connection/_handle_connection Connection thread
> done
> [2006-02-15  15:52:47] INFO main/main Shutting down

This only shows us Icecast's various processes shutting down, so has no 
useful information.

Ok, there's a number of things, hope this is helpful.


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