[Icecast] Ports required for Icecast

Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Thu Feb 9 05:01:06 UTC 2006

I am providing a machine to a client that will be connecting to an existing Icecast stream that is working just fine.  But the client will be connecting from behind a firewall.  They need to inform their IT department what ports need to be open for proper operation.

Running ethereal, I see the client machine using ports that vary with each connection in the range of 32782 upwards to 32827 over just 3 times connecting then disconnecting.  Of course it always connects to 8000 on the server.

Do I need to tell them to open some specific range of ports in order for the system to work?  I have already asked for port 22 to be open for an SSH connection for maintenance.  But what for the streaming connection?

Thanks for any help.
Dick                          mailto:dtrump1 at triadav.com

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