[Icecast] Re: ices0.4: icecast mp3 stream for source ?

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Tue Feb 7 22:40:18 UTC 2006

That is true.  You need to have your listeners install the Illuminable
Ogg DirectShow filters.  This is very simple to do.  Just put links to
the download on your website.

Illuminable Website: http://www.illiminable.com/ogg
Filter download: http://www.illiminable.com/ogg/oggcodecs_0.69.8924.exe

This supports Ogg Vorbis audio and Ogg Theora video.


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thank you, for your fast answer. my problem with ogg is, that the
mediaplayer don´t understand it. a lot of users are using ms mediaplayer


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