[Icecast] Icecast behind firewall

Maarten Bezemer mcbicecast at robuust.nl
Tue Aug 22 15:24:27 PDT 2006


I don't know if the problem is already solved (I missed the original post
and that's more than 2 weeks ago), but I was thinking about something
What you didn't mention was the configuration of the firewall. If it is
using NAT to redirect specific ports, the problem can be in the fact that
the server behind the firewall uses a private-range IP. If that's the
case, icecast wouldn't be able to bind() to the public IP of the firewall

You might want to try running it in a debugger or with strace or ltrace,
to see where (and hopefully) why it just stops.

And since you mention both boxes run Sarge, try comparing the output of
"dpkg --get-selections" of both machines to doublecheck the availability
of all dependencies.



On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Klaas Jan Wierenga wrote:

> Hi Tucker,
> Could this be a permissions problem? Are you running icecast as root 
> (not recommended) or in a chroot jail? Do the directories where you've 
> configured the logfiles to be created exists and can they be written by 
> the user you're running icecast as?
> Hope this is useful.
> Regards,
> KJ
> thermans at bowdoin.edu schreef:
> > Hey List!
> >
> > I am in the process of moving an icecast2 server from a serve in an
> > R&D lab to a virtual machine in the main server area.  The servers are
> > both running Debian sarge and are configured identically for icecast
> > minus the bind address and the hostnames.  When I try and start the
> > icecast server, using the same init script and running the same
> > version of icecast (2.3.1), the process simply doesn't start.  It
> > prints nothing to stdout and nothing to the logfile.
> >
> > The only real difference in the servers setups are that the new server
> > is behind a firewall.  The firewall is open for the machine on ports
> > 22, 80, 8000, and 8001.  I am setting up the icecast stream to run at
> > port 8000.  Looking at nmap the only difference that seems to possibly
> > being affecting icecast is that I do not have port 111 open for
> > portmapping, because portmapping can not work with our firewall rules,
> > I can however open more ports in advance if I know where they will be
> > getting mapped to.
> >
> > I can't seem to find any possible problems besides the port issues.
> >
> > thanks in advance,
> > Tucker
> >
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