[Icecast] using mulitple sound card inputs

telmnstr at 757.org telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Aug 31 04:13:28 UTC 2006

> I've been able to successfully stream using Icecast with Darkice on my
> Debian box.  I want to be able to stream multiple live streams from the
> same box using different sound cards (Basically, we have groups that
> will be using different TV channels and want to be able to stream the
> audio to the user's pc's for the proper channels they are viewing).  Has
> anyone tried to do this?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

Yup! I've gotten 7 feeds from a single host. I had 11 PCI sound cards in 
the machine (FreeBSD w/ Darkice feeding Icecast). After 7 though, it got a 
bit shaky.

I used a Creative Labs sound card that I specifically hunted down that did 
not feature the MIDI port (The game port).

Photos of the host (I built two of them, each with 6 inputs):

In this day and age, I would look at the Creative Labs USB sound devices. 
There is an older one that can be had for $15-20 each. The thing I'm not 
sure is upon system reboot, with those devices connected to USB hubs, will 
they order themselves the same? This is important or else audio inputs 
will end up on the wrong mountpoints.

 				- Ethan

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