[Icecast] Fallback-stream on icecast not re-falling back

Alexander Dal Farra alexander.dalfarra at dmd2.net
Sat Apr 22 12:58:30 UTC 2006

Hi All

We have following problem:

We have an Icecast Relay (on Demand, with htpaswd authentification) that is
configured with a fallback MP3 file in case the relay drops connection to
the mother server. This works perfectly, BUT, after the connection coming
back, the fallback.mp3 (as we call this MP3) wouldn't get back to normal
relay. Here is our config.xml. 

Anyone having an idea about this?

It's last Icecast Version, on Win32.

Any help is gladly appreciated. Thanks, 

        <authentication type="htpasswd">
                <option name="filename" value="myauth"/>
                <option name="allow_duplicate_users" value="1"/>

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