[Icecast] Dynamic Playlist

Mark Trimble trimblma at mscd.edu
Wed Apr 12 13:45:43 UTC 2006

I have a few related questions.

I'm using the following Debian packages:

Ices2    (2.0.1-4)
Icecast2 (2.3.1-2)

Here's the input section of my ices-playlist.xml:

    <param name="type">basic</param>
    <param name="file">/etc/icecast2/playlist.txt</param>
    <param name="random">1</param>
    <param name="restart-after-reread">0</param>
    <param name="once">0</param>

Here's my questions:

1. Despite the 0 setting for my "restart-after-reread" parameter, anytime I
manually update my playlist file, my playlist starts over again. Though
"random", I know this is happening because I soon hear tracks again that
I've recently heard. Is there something I can do to prevent this from

2. The "random" parameter doesn't seem to produce particularly random
selections, meaning that ices2 seems to work its way down my playlist in a
somewhat predictable fashion. Each time I restart ices2 I hear (more or
less) the same general sequence of tracks played. Is this to be expected?

3. Does anyone know if there's a command line, MySQL-based playlist manager
for ices2? I'd love to be able to manage my playlists and ID3 tag info using
a database interface. I'd also like to be able to easily serve up customized
playlist's through ices2 in a manner similar to what I currently use NetJuke
for, but to do this requires a database. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help. Cheers!

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On 4/12/06, Rob Campbell <rob at rob-campbell.com> wrote:
>  I have a playlist that is updated every 5min with any new files to a 
> directory.  Do I need to restart icecast/ices to have the new files


Assuming you're using IceS2, if the playlist file changes it'll get
automatically re-read.

If you're using IceS 0.x, that might be true as well, or possibly you need
to send it SIGHUP, I don't remember.

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