[Icecast] 2.3 intro file enhancement

Devin Campbell devin at attackcat.org
Sun Sep 25 05:31:56 UTC 2005

I just installed 2.3 on my two production machines.  Everything looks 
good so far.  I'm really liking the intro file!

I'd really like to see this enhancement.  Is there any reason this 
couldn't be done? Given a list of short intro files, I'd like to see 
Icecast either serve a random file on client connect or perhaps just 
rotate through the choices consecutively which would probably give a 
random enough appearance to the clients.  This could, perhaps, be 
achieved by allowing multiple <intro> tags per mount.

There are several clips I have that I would love to use as introductions 
to the music stream I run.  It would be nice to have a little more 
variety so that clients don't hear the same intro every time they are 

I'll probably hack around on the source and try to make this work for 
myself and I'd be happy to provide a patch if I get it working well. 
Just wondering if there's any reason it would be more difficult than it 
sounds at first. :-)


Devin Campbell
Attack Cat Radio

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