[Icecast] fallback in Icecast 2.3 RC3

Milos Wimmer wimmer at zcu.cz
Mon Sep 19 20:43:16 UTC 2005

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Karl Heyes wrote:

>>      <mount>
>>              <mount-name>/cro-region.ogg</mount-name>
>>              <fallback-mount>/z-cro-region.ogg</fallback-mount>
>>              <fallback-override>1</fallback-override>
>>      </mount>
>> When I'm listening stream "/cro-region.ogg" and I stop both streams
>> "cro-region-256.ogg" and "cro-region.ogg", my client (xmms) is moved to
>> "/z-cro-region.ogg" stream greatly.
>> But when I start both streams "cro-region-256.ogg" and "cro-region.ogg"
>> again, my client is moved to "/cro-region-256.ogg" instead of
>> "/cro-region.ogg".
> If there's no fallback link from /cro-region-256.ogg to
> /z-cro-region.ogg then it's wrong, but I'd prefer to see the xml and
> error log (level 4) before saying it's a bug.  If there is a fallback
> from /cro-region-256.ogg to /cro-region.ogg with override enabled then
> it could happen.

I would like to have fallback from /cro-region-256.ogg to 
/z-cro-region.ogg. But when I had it, it worked exactly same. So I tried 
remove it for simpler description.
On other side - why is wrong to have /cro-region-256.ogg without fallback?
I'm running lot of other streams on that icecast server and some of them 
have no fallback.

Ok, I will send you my xml file and error log in private message.


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