[Icecast] Icecast cannot count users for relay stream

Rene Gallati security at draxinusom.ch
Sun Sep 18 17:07:27 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I am trying out version 2.3RC3 but it seems it has the same bug as all 
versions before (including 2.2 KH9 which I used last)

When trying to relay an on-demand stream with icecast and also limiting, 
I always find that icecast counts completely wrong. The first listener 
is not counted, but icecast connects to the master server, gets the 
stream and relays.

If a second client connects, the stream count increases to 1.

If either of the two clients disconnect, the count decreses to 0, 
kicking out the other client by disconnecting from the source.

If I only connect with one client, then later disconnect, then icecast 
does never disconnect from the source and logs the following line into 
the log:

.. INFO sources/process_listeners listener count on /testrelay now 

So there is a wrap around on the int. Maybe I just configure it wrong 
but otherwise, this bug has been around for over a year so I thought I 
might report it now...

Any hints appreciated



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