[Icecast] AACPlus Shoutcast v1.90

Jay Krivanek admin at radiotoolbox.com
Wed Sep 7 11:51:21 UTC 2005

Yes it is 44.1kHz.  However SBR is not the original, everything higher then
22.05kHz is recreated.  Also Parametric Stereo recreates the Stereo
experience.  The actual audio data is simply a 24kbps AAC stream at 22050
mono.  Also it is by no means perfect.  The highs do have an artificial feel
to them and a little echo.  For what it is though most people don't really
get annoyed by it and are quite pleased with the feel of it.

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On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 09:56:06PM -0500, Jay Krivanek wrote:
> Yea, don't get me wrong, ogg is definitely an awesome format but aacplus
> is currently the leader in high fidelity quality at low bitrates.  24kbps
> aacplus even kicks ass in my view.

Is that 24kbps AACPLUS a full 44.1kHz stereo signal with frequencies 
preserved up to at least 15kHz? (Just curious, not criticising.)

As a datapoint, Vorbis aotuv b4 gives acceptable quality with q=-1.001 
44.1kHz stereo at approximately 44kbps.

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