[Icecast] disable ID3 update

Balint Jacint bjacint at kvark.hu
Mon Oct 10 09:24:48 UTC 2005

I knew it wasn't ID3, I just didn't know the name for it. This way you 
knew what I meant. :)
Thanks for the reply. Then I'll modify my Ogg files.

I have jlGui Java player embedded into my web page, and it keeps 
reconnecting every time a song has ended. Unfortunately by reconnecting 
it looses the first 1-2 seconds of the songs. According to what you've 
said there's no way to make ices2 or icecast2 create a non-file-based 
stream. (That is: the player wouldn't know when a file ends and another 
starts, and so it wouldn't reconnect.) Am I right?
No other players procude this error, but jlGui is the best ogg player I 
found to integrate into the webpage.


Michael Smith wrote:

>ID3 isn't used by either ices2 or icecast2.
>The vorbis tag data is an integral part of the file, so ices2 will
>send it to icecast, if present. If you want to strip it out, you'll
>need to modify the source files to remove it.

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