[Icecast] icecast2 mountpoints maximum

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Oct 5 19:30:40 UTC 2005

On 10/5/05, Henri Zikken <henri.zikken at deltasolutions.nl> wrote:
> A small update from my side.. i have updated both icecast and libshout to
> the nightly snapshot versions of icecast.org. Also, in the configfile i have
> raised the threadpool to 500 and all timeouts to 3000.
> This did help a bit. Right now i can get it up to 1020 inputstreams, however
> then it just stops accepting new connections.
> Is there a theoretical maximum to the number of mountpoints icecast can
> handle?

Using icecast 2.3 may help, using the development version will not
(right now, I don't think it contains anything significant that isn't
in 2.3 - when it does, it probably won't be stable).

As for limits: yes, but it'll be highly platform specific, and is not
a limit in icecast itself. You'll probably first hit either a limit on
the number of threads permitted (one per source, plus a few for the
rest of icecast), or the limit on open file descriptors (one per
source, plus one per client, plus a few for the rest of icecast)

Also, icecast will be horribly inefficient for this, it's really
totally the wrong tool. Why not just make your application stream
directly to the single client that's listening to that stream?

Anyway, I can't say what limit you might have hit, or whether it's a
limit that's increasable, or how to increase it, since you didn't say
what platform you were running on. We can't guess things like that.


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