[Icecast] reencoding experience

Robert Muchnick hostmaster at xenterra.net
Wed Oct 5 17:43:27 UTC 2005

On a Linux server (2.4.29) with 3.0GHz PIV and 1GB memory, ices 0.4 
sending to icecast 2.2 on the same machine without re-encoding will
not even touch the 1 minute load average in the normal kbps/KHz range. 
With re-encoding, however, the 1 minute load average varies between 0.7 
and less than 2.5, which could impact server performance with high 
listener counts.

The files I was testing were not of the highest quality (although they 
were checked and repaired with mp3check) but never caused an ices failure 
even though mp3check couldn't repair truncated files with bytes missing in 
the last frame.

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Petre Bandac wrote:

> hello
> anyone of you who has used the reencoding option of ices to bring the
> stream at a constant bitrate would be kind to share the experience (the
> impact on resources and, quoting the README file -
> "...mpglib part of lame (what does the decoding) is rather unstable and
> will call exit(0) when errors are encountered." - and stability of the
> stream).

Robert Muchnick

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