[Icecast] playlist streaming

Donatas donatas at lrtc.net
Mon Nov 7 12:53:49 UTC 2005

is it true it's not possible to start or stop indvidual streams using icecast2+icegenerator(liveice,ezstream) combination?

i've tried mp3 directory streaming as well as playlist streaming - it works, but with no possibility to see full mp3 file listing and play control (like choosing a song, starting, stopping play). Icecast can't even diferentiate /dev/dsp input from playlist input. Is it denied by limitation of streaming technology itself ?

i can write a script that will listen to user request and will start icegenerator session, wich will mount requested file to icecast, but 1000 mp3 files will require 1000 mounts - its not logical. 

Maybe someone has allready developed this technology?

i can't test playlist streaming possibilities in liveice - it complains about freebsd directory structure and fails to build.....ezstream uses outdated libshout version - so build on Freebsd 5.4 is also not possible.

any thoughts are welcome
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