[Icecast] Server question - if you had ...

Andy Woolley andy at milonic.com
Mon Nov 21 18:13:53 UTC 2005

Yeah, I'll agree with that - CPU use is minimal on a dedicated machine so 
low spec server will do just fine.

Our stats here show peaks at around 60-70 listeners and as you can see the 
CPU use is almost none existent - high quality bandwidth is where the money 
should be spent.

Oh and lots of disk space if you intend archiving the streams.

Our stats are at: http://stats.tianet.co.uk/ if interested


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Hey, guy, you just need 300$ to buy pII-500 and stream 25 stream's up to 500
users :)
SC> If you had $3,000 for a new Icecast2 streaming server, what would you
SC> buy?
SC> What box, hard drives, LAN cards, etc.?
SC> The project I am involved with is helping community groups in UK webcast
SC> live public meetings and events. Democaster also archives Icecast
SC> streams for on-demand streaming or download. We are focused on high
SC> accessibility and low cost. See: http://dowire.org/wiki/Democaster
SC> Because we archive webcasts, we might deploy two servers working
SC> together.  Your thoughts?

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