[Icecast] Admin stats... okay, what have people done?

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri May 27 18:47:09 PDT 2005

As someone who still runs icecast1 as well as icecast2, I gotta admin I
love the status page of icecast1 over icecast2.

I realize the admin functions can't be called without authentication
(Without modifying the source code). Is there any way to get this data
from icecast easily?

I'm going to attempt again to generate a good looking quick overview page,
but certain things like resolved hostnames for connected clients -- I'm
betting that is not going to be availible.

Has anyone else already modded the xsl files??

We run a large number of streams, so with 10+ feeds running it tends to
make the displays real long.

One thing I've done is modded the "unauthenticted" xsl file to generate a
simple file that shows the client connects, stream mountpoint, and the
current connections. This is pulled every minute and parsed by another box
(wget) and sent to an Alpha LED sign. So you can kick back and watch the
stats scroll across the signboard.

Also, a friend (Richard) has modded the icecast2 source and added a new
function that makes icecast dump to disk, however break the file and start
a new one every X number of seconds. This should allow us to make fairly
accurate logs of streams all day. I dunno if there would be any desire for
that to be contributed back to the main source, since it's pretty specific
to our odd use.

                               // Ethan O'Toole
                               // http://users.757.org/~ethan

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