[Icecast] registering icecast server in shoutcast directory?

Thomas D.Simes simestd at netexpress.com
Thu May 26 11:35:31 PDT 2005

I'm running darkice-0.15 to stream live mp3 encoded audio to
icecast2-2.2.0_1,1 on a FreeBSD 4.10 machine and everything is
working great.  Now that I have my icecast stream server set up, I would
like to register it in the shoutcast directory.  Is this possible?  I
see the icecast.xml entries to register with the xiph.org and
oddsock.org directory servers, but I can't find any examples for

I suspect this is (or should be) a FAQ, but I can't find a definitive
answer or example.  I've got the shoutcast server for FreeBSD
downloaded, but I would like to stick with icecast if possible.

Also, in case the list admins are reading, have you considered setting
up the HTdig integration with pipermail on the list archives to make
them searchable?  The install is pretty painless and would add a lot of
functionality to the lists:  http://www.htdig.org/


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Thomas D. Simes                                 simestd at netexpress.com 

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