[Icecast] About server load

CK ck at phptalk.com
Thu May 26 03:28:27 PDT 2005

Hi all there...

I was thinking of using icecast streaming software to provide a local radio station's internet audience*.

First of all, what i search for is... A software that supports Windows Media Player type streaming at end user side, while streaming server is a RedHat linux and source machine is a Windows server with any GUI software installed, ie; WinAmp or Win Media Encoder.

I think, and i see on the web site that icecast is suitable.

NOW MY QUESTION is about server load, which you didn't mention on the website. Could you please tell me how much server load should i expect if ie; there are 100 end-users listening radio live, how much memory would use icecast?

Thank you in advance.
Best wihses,
Cem K.
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