[Icecast] A thought on the logging...

Ian A. Underwood agentgrn at dcne.net
Sat May 21 22:04:38 PDT 2005

Leo Currie wrote:
> It's the number of seconds a client was connected for :)
> (See /src/logging.h)

THe reason I had to ask is that I thought this looked off.  Here are a 
couple entries in the log:

68.x.x.x- - [14/May/2005:14:59:19 -0400] "GET /live.ogg HTTP/1.0" 200 
19025645 "(null)" "-" 36295264

84.x.x.x- - [16/May/2005:04:02:22 -0400] "GET /live.ogg HTTP/1.0" 200 
183200 "(null)" "-" 40372400

I'm running the v2.2 on Win32...and that last field looks very off for 
number of seconds.


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