[Icecast] Are there any success stories streaming to an icecast2 server using Asterisk or OpenMCU?

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat May 21 06:16:28 PDT 2005

Flash Love wrote:

> I have read more about asterisk and have succeeded in using it's app_ices
> function and a sample conference .  I would like to learn more about lowering
> the latency between the Speaker on the SIPphone->Meetme
> Conference->ICES->Listener stream.

Vorbis is always going to have some latency, but you could try the 

* Disable the burst options in Icecast

* Lower the listener's buffer size to the smallest possible value

* I think there's a setting in Ices which you could also reduce


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