[Icecast] Best way to handle multiple (6+) streams

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Sat May 21 05:19:49 PDT 2005

Seth McTigh wrote:
> I have a need to stream 6 or 8 different audio sources (radios), and am
> seeking suggestions on the best way to do it.  Although I'd like to
> stream each separately, I could combine them to stereo streams and do 2
> on each.
> I'd like to know what the best hardware configuration would be to
> accomplish this?  Are there any multiple input sound cards that have
> been successfully tested, or will I need to run 6 or 8 separate boxes to
> stream into a main server?

I've used the m-audio Delta 1010LT card, which has 10 inputs (and
separate input for each channel). The ALSA drivers under Linux support
this card quite well. I'm sure there are other cards like this one.

You could use darkice to encode each of the inputs, and send them to an
icecast server.

> Is it possible to configure 4 sound cards in a single computer?

yes, actually it is, but it will take up 4 of your PCI slots.
alternatively, you could try to use 4 USB sound devices - also supported
by ALSA drivers under Linux.

IMHO you're better off with a single, multi-channel sound card though.


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