[Icecast] Client has fallen too far behind

Anatol icecast at recordcaster.de
Tue May 10 15:05:17 PDT 2005

Michael Smith schrieb:

>On 5/10/05, Anatol <icecast at recordcaster.de> wrote:
>This usually means the client can't receive fast enough - possible
>because their connection is too slow. It's normal to get it
>occastionally with some songs.
>If it's dropping clients that are fast enough, maybe there's something
>wrong with your mp3 files? The ices log files might have more useful
Hm ... the two servers are in the same rack. From the one  there is no 
problem to recive data and the other has the troubles. The connection 
can't be the bottle neck.  The MP3 s seams to be ok.  The ices.log  told 
me nothing about an error with the MP3-Files. The only entry I found was:
"Error during send: Libshout reported send error, disconnecting: Socket 
But I can't relate this message  to the "to far behind"-Mesage. There 
are different timestamps.

>Increasing the queue size will almost always just delay a problem, not solve it.
Right! From there I wrote my mail ;-)


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