[Icecast] Very slow bufferring and delay on windows media player and icecast server (sourced by m3w)

Yedidia Klein yedidia at jct.ac.il
Mon May 9 14:14:12 PDT 2005

I solved it by configuring m3w encoder (that is lame) to a constant 
bitrate, seems that WMP don't handle well variable bit rate.



quoting Leo Currie:

> Yedidia Klein wrote:
>> I'm trying to broadcast a radio from a linux server that is coming 
>> from a windows machine using m3w.
>> it's working very well for Winamp and linux mplayer as client - but 
>> while using Windows Media Player it's buffering for about 8 minutes 
>> then it start to work well w/ a delay of 8 minutes !!
> Which version of WMP are you trying this on?
> How are you passing the stream URL to the player?
> I'm wondering if the player is trying to download the whole file 
> before playing it.... :o
> As I said in a thread below, I have no problems using WMP on an MP3 
> stream. http://www.radiosix.com/listen.asx
> Leo

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