[Icecast] Are there any success stories streaming to an icecast2 server using Asterisk or OpenMCU?

Flash Love flashl at cox.net
Fri May 6 08:39:41 PDT 2005

My goal is build a configuration that provides an 800 number to an internal 
(LAN) MCU Asterisk/OpenMCU server to manage an audio conference for up to 8 
clients (for one hour) that will be streamed to an icecast2 server.

I have googled and read a few discussions about the use of Asterisk and  
possiibly OpenMCU to stream audio to an icecast2 server.   I have seen  
snippets here and there and now I am trying to fix all the pieces together.

At present, it seems to me that using Asterisk w/ app_conference will demand a 
separate machine with a card (???) from digium. From there, it appears that 
configuring some "conf" files will do the rest. I am not yet sure whats all 
needed to satisfy the OpenMCU configuration.

If anyone have already been down this path and can point me to working or 
workable DIY solutions, please advise.


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