[Icecast] How to config Ices-playlist.XML to run script

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri May 6 07:00:11 PDT 2005

Support1 wrote:

> Can anyone show me how to config the <input> section in
> ices-playlist.XML (ices.conf) to run a script? The script file will
> returns an audio file name so that Ices will stream that particular file
> to icecast server. I'm trying to stream OGG file. Thanks!!

                         <param name="type">script</param>
                         <param name="program">/path/to/script</param> 
<!-- be
sure this exists -->

Note that this is how you'd configure ices 2.x.  Ices 0.x which uses 
ices.conf has a different script mechanism.  I believe recent (SVN?) 
versions support basic scripts like this, previous versions required 
scripts to be written in perl or python and to have various methods 


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