[Icecast] Metadata Swapping: How do they do it?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu May 5 12:52:41 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 20:17, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> Think I answered my own question really.
> The display in iTunes, for example, is swapping between what in  
> status.xsl would be Stream Title and Current Song.
> If Song is updated like so:
> http://admin:password@myserver.pulverradio.com:8000/admin/metadata? 
> mount=/high.mp3&mode=updinfo&song=ACDC+Back%20In%20Black
> ...then what exactly is the verbage to update StreamTitle?
> http://admin:password@myserver.pulverradio.com:8000/admin/metadata? 
> mount=/high.mp3&mode=updinfo&StreamTitle=PulverRadio
> ...doesn't work.

The "StreamTitle" is not part of the admin request you send, it's part
of the metadata inserted into the stream.

> My (potentially misguided) belief is that the client downloads/receives  
> the latter attribute once, on initially connecting to the relay.
> KH and I have been playing with a branch he built that lets you  
> configure all that stuff in the icecast.xml file however it's not  
> making it into the stream.

AFAIK what you see in the player is made from a HTTP-type header sent to
the client at connection time and any metadata that may be sent
midstream.  The stream override settings you mention don't affect the
HTTP-style headers sent to the listener (whether they should and if so,
how best to do that is another matter) but in-line metadata will be sent
provided the metadata has been asked for (metadata is an add-on for mp3


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