[Icecast] Nicecast

Adydas gus at adydas.com
Tue Mar 29 08:09:58 UTC 2005

So I just setup my Icecast server on my unix box but I am having trouble
with Nicecast in trying to send a stream to it. Nicecast connects to the
server fine when I leave the mountpoint setting blank but when I put
something in there, it fails to login. Regardless, neither alternative
produces a working stream. Although, when I don¹t enter a mountpoint and the
broadcast is playing, my icecast server status pages will recognize that
there is a connecton but it will have no name and will not work. Now, is
this strange? What am I doing wrong? I know it¹s probably something really
small that I have overlooked. Thanks in advance.

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