[Icecast] URL format for Icecast2 metadata updates

Jason Jason at Weatherserver.net
Sun Mar 27 21:52:23 UTC 2005

I may work with sources as the login and whatever the password for the 
mountpoint is.  I've never tried it.
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Subject: Re: [Icecast] URL format for Icecast2 metadata updates

> Jason wrote:
>> http://IP:PORT/admin/metadata?mount=/MOUNTPOINT&mode=updinfo&song=METADATAYOUWANTTOUPDATE
> Wouldn't that require the admin password?  Surely there's a way of doing 
> it which only requires the source password, heck there must be since 
> streamTranscoder is sending in metadata updates nicely without needing the 
> admin pw.
> Geoff.
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