[Icecast] Push relay from nicecast with icecast2?

Chuck Tellechea chuckt at tellechea.org
Wed Mar 23 01:20:39 UTC 2005


I have some confusion. I've seen it mentioned, somewhere in some docs, 
that Icecast2 does not (as yet) support Push relaying. Is this actually 
the case? Should I be looking at icecast1 (which does support push 
relay, I believe) until such capability is implemented on icecast2? Or 
should I be creating a combination of both? Or what?

Here's my situation:

I have a customer with the following requirements:

1. A Mac OS X based Nicecast "live radio" feed from his office/studio 
relaying to a Datacenter server running Linux accessible on a URL on 
his website. I.E. We need the capability of running multiple streams 
from a datacenter server with one IP address.

2. The datacenter server would also need to stream archived content, on 
separate streams (each accessible via a URL on his website), in addtion 
to the live stream.

The following conditions are in play.

1. My customer is NOT technically capable; he's a musician, an 
entrepreneur, and runs a non-profit which needs to stream audio. 
Therefore, setting up icecast2, on his G5 Powermac, such that Pull 
Relaying could be setup using "Single-Broadcast Relay" would require my 
doing so on my own G5 and subsequently installing my working 
implementation on his machine
2. Moreover, in order to set the <server>his server ip</server> field, 
within the <relay></relay> container in the icecast2 config file, this 
"Master Server" at my customer's studio would have to be provided with 
a static IP, or I'd have to acquire his current DHCP provided IP 
address (Cox Cable) and programatically adjust the XML config file 
running on the "Slave" server at the datacenter. Additionaly, he'd have 
to expose the G5 at his studio on a DMZ, or port forward the required 
ports. This is a plumbing and maintenance nightmare.....

What I'm thinking of doing now, is to running an instance of either 
icecast1 or shoutcast, on the datacenter server, to receive the 
'pushed' broadcast from the Nicecast running on the G5 at my customer's 
office/studio. Additionally running an instance of icecast2, on the 
same datacenter server (and on another port(s)) to stream the archived 
mp3 content.

Do I have this right? Or am I missing something?

Chuck Tellechea
     CMTi Technologies, Inc.

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