[Icecast] Desire to create Internet radio talk show

Flash Love flashl at cox.net
Sun Mar 20 20:06:09 UTC 2005


My goal is to give software and technical assistance to build an Internet 
radio web site. The individual that I am helping wants the ability to:

1) Weekly join another radio station with Internet access for a 1 hour show 
which will broadcast over FM station.
2) Simultaneously stream the same session to other stations with Internet 
3) Have ability to add phone conversations into the stream.
4) Record the session and allow playback on demand from users.    

I have successfully downloaded, compiled, and run icecast, ices, and darkice. 
For the past few weeks, I have read extensively from the Internet, many 
discussions, forums, and mail list archives to learn as much as I can about 
icecast, ices, and darkice. I am committed to learning and understanding this 
area of linux (multimedia) that I have never explored.

My research have also taken me to several external proprietary hardware 
solutions that run into the thousands of dollars. Since the internet radio, 
is absolutely new to the both of us, we simply want to be sure that all of 
these products and desired functions will integrate. 

Any pointers into the right directions will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,

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