[Icecast] Icecast behind a Router

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Mar 19 06:30:02 UTC 2005


Here's why binding to various interfaces can trap you.   It's really only 
necessary to do this if you want icecast *not* to listen to a particular 

For example: I route using my primary Linux box, which has two network 
cards in it.  So this box has the following addresses:

Internet address:
LAN address:
Local loopback:

Now, if I bind Icecast to listen to my Internet address, then if I try to 
connnect to it directly over the LAN or from the local host using, it's not going to work as Icecast is only listening on one 
interface.  So unless you specifically want to prevent connnections for a 
given interface, you may as well leave the bind stuff alone.

Now, you could of course bind it to your LAN address to prevent people on 
the net from tuning in, and you could in theory have one server on your LAN 
and another on your Internet interface (you can even set up separate ports 
on the same server this way).  But these cases are probably the exception 
rather than the rule.


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