[Icecast] an OS X installer

Michael Smith mlrsmith at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 12:29:19 UTC 2005

> So my vote would be for an OSX app with the necessary libraries
> bundled in, so we can have the mind-blowing ease of use that really
> helps people get into a piece of software. However, the problem that
> remains is the config. Since icecast has no real GUI, how are people
> going to set it going, or choose what it should be broadcasting? The
> XML config file has to be set up somehow, and ideally should be able
> to be edited without re-installing...

Really, the default config only needs a few simple things set. The
installer could presumably figure appropriate values out, and insert
them into the config. A user could then edit the config if they wanted
to change anything.

At a minimum:
 - Various paths need to be configured. Some of these may need to be
created, if they don't already.
 - The hostname needs to be filled in accurately/correctly

The former is trivial. The latter is, presumably, a little more work. 

As for "choosing what it should be broadcasting" - this isn't what
icecast does. That's for the source client to decide...

Note to self: figure out hostname per client by parsing Host header.
Then <hostname> is just needed as a fallback for the crappy clients.


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